Your life at LAAMP

The majority of your time at LAAMP will be used to create music. The rest will be used making friends and living that LA life.

The Bank

The place

Our campus is located downtown Santa Monica, California, an iconic place for creators, artists, dreamers and rockstars. Our neighborhood is home to world famous beaches, restaurants, coffee shops, gyms and unforgettable sunsets. We are a short walk from the beach, and steps from photogenic parks and landmarks. Our building is custom made for LAAMP, under the supervision of world class producers StarGate. We do not serve lunch or dinner, but there are communal tables available for students to get take-out or bring their own. Or go to one of the exceptional neighborhood restaurants. The weather - you already know.

The Factory

The studios

The majority of your time at LAAMP will be used to create music, you will have extensive access to our custom built writing & production rooms. Each room includes microphone, preamp, speakers and acoustic treatments. Bring your talent, your laptop and your ambition.

Read about how you will collaborate on productions

On-site or on-line

LAAMP accepts a limited number of students to our on-site campus based on work samples, level of talent, personal qualities and student mix. We create a mix of producers, artists and/or songwriters, so that every session will create complete songs and have all the components used by the world’s greatest music-makers. For those who cannot attend our California campus we offer comparable curriculum and assignments online. Our online students will have access to the same lessons and assignments and will be given access to our other online students, as well as Q&A sessions throughout the year. No in-person mentoring available for online students.

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